Weekend Recap

All in all, a pretty good weekend. Aside from the fact that I didn’t really get anything done on my accounting test… Anyway, Friday was good. We went bowling for Elece’s Birthday Festivities. She got a hair cut, it’s cute, but she always didn’t let me snag a picture. This is the gift I gave her. It’s a glass block, that I drilled a hole in, stuffed lights in, and wrapped up. It’s basically a present that glows. I love them, and I think she liked it too, so that’s good.

Elece's Present

Saturday :

In the morning I headed to the DMV to renew my license. It had expired on my birthday, whoops. I go so into reading my book, that I missed my number and had to draw again. I know, I am dumb. But it still didn’t take that long, maybe 30 minutes total. Fact: I cannot take a good driver’s license photo. It’s better than last time, but this whole chin thing ruins it.

After that I met up with Becky (my awesome friend) to go to Scrapbook Convention. The most exciting booth, by far, was the Treasury of Memories (TOM for the cool peeps) booth. They had cute make and takes, and cute ideas. Like this advent calendar with paper bags on canvas. You could put stuff in the paper bags.

Advent Calendar

This sign with Vinyl on it is also very awesome. $22 bucks for the whole shebang. I didn’t buy one, but I want one. You can order online, anyone? If you do purchase this for me, please let Adam know you did so. (Mine would say: Kieffer Family est. 2007)

Kieffer Family

Saturday night, I babysat our cousins, ages 1.5 through 10, there were four of them. Adam had a concert to go to, so I did most of it solo. I have to say, that I’m pretty impressed with myself after that experience. We baked Stain Glass Cookies. They are sugar cookies with a cut out in the middle, filled with hard candy. I got all 3 of them to participate, there were no arguments, and only one minor mishap. Noah, my Godson, ran around and played with random things, all very quiet, where I could see him. It was quite the success. It was a nice mellow evening. Working at the Boys and Girls Club fr 4.5 years really taught me a lot, and I enjoyed that time of my life. I’m fully capable of handling children. Like I said, I’m pretty impressed with myself.


Sunday we had tickets to the Seahawk Game. We tailgated before hand, and that was fun too. I saw my best friends EX-BF and he’s fat, and balding. It made me happy. (If that’s sick and wrong, then count me very sick, very wrong, and absolutely delighted). There are things that happen in your life, that just give you validation that things you did in the past, ended up the correct way. Best Friend, this is that validation for you. (Did I mention he looked like a do chay?) Our tickets were on the 300 level, my first time all the way up there. I have to say, that I was pleased to find that they are pretty good seats. It’s a hike, but I feel like every fan has a good view. Good job Qwest Field architects, I’m sure were paid more than necessary. We lost, but it was a good game. A guy peed in the tunnel right in front of us, on the wall. (Stupid Cardinal fan!) and Adam was texting so I had to scream bloody murder to keep Adam from stepping in it. That’s just gross. I wouldn’t even pee in a Steelers tunnel. For the love of the game, show some respect jerk face!!



Fans at Qwest

My husband buys beer…Beer Buy

A shot from the upper deck looking into downtown. It was a beautiful foggy day in Seattle. I watched Ferry boats and barges coming in on the water, when the game wasn’t going on. I love this city.

Seattle From Qwest Field


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