Weekend Wrap Up:

Sorry for the earlier post without a lot of info on my weekend happenings.

  • I got my cat some new treats and he goes bezerk over them. It’s super cute to watch. He comes running when you grab the package, then you have to get the package closed and put away while he eats the treat, or he won’t leave you alone. I also bought him 2 new toys. He’s already lost one, and the other one, he likes to just sit by.
  • I had a ruler jabbing out of a cubby and sliced my ankle on it. That was a dumb place to put it. I remember thinking twice about it when I put it there, then thinking, nah, I’ll just be careful, this is a perfect place for it.
  • MRFA5 burned pudding in my $200+ pot last Thanksgiving, and I’ve been slowing working at getting it off of there. Yes, that means I haven’t used that pot for almost a year. It makes me sad, but she didn’t mean to, and it was my fault for not being smart enough to use a non-stick pan with pudding. The black used to take up the whole bottom. I’ll try to find my old pics of it.
  • That’s the pot holder I did, it’s cute, but seems thin. I like it though, and the oddly craftyness about it.
  • I got frustrated with the pile of doors laying around my living room. So, I hung one. I’m not sure if it’s painted all the way, but I stuk it up anyway. I can’t wait until they are all on there. It wil be so pretty.

There seems to be an abundance of projects around my house. I’m not saying which ones fall into the “lack of progress” category. However, I will say that 99.8% of these projects were probably my idea. I would also say that Adam can only help with 50% of the projects I foresee doing. My parents are coming for Thanksgiving and I’d really like to make some head way on some things. That means I have 16 days to get moving.

I’ve listed a coupe things to work on tonight. I have

1) put away Stamp Camp supplies (from early October!)

2) vacuum living room and guest room [which shouldn’t be problem, seeing how I like to vacuum]

3) work on the manger scene [I know, you can’t wait for updated pictures with Adam’s Myoplex explosion]

4) Clean the kitchen

For Adam I believe I’ll put “tidy up the bedroom” on his list J I know I don’t say it enough, but this man is truly blessing in my life. img_3161 He’s ever-so helpful, I’ve really enjoyed growing up with him and when he smiles, I mean truly smiles, my heart still melts. Thanks for a great weekend Babe.

I don’t feel that the Body for Life diet plan is the best plan for me. A hybrid of Body for Life and Weight Watchers seems like the best plan for me. I think the Weight Watchers diet with the Body for Life workout. I just feel like I consume a lot of food on Body for Life. The consistent hating is a good thing. I like the 6 times a day, I like the starting with a shake in the morning after workouts. I’m not sure about the 9PM eating because Weight Watchers says not to eat after 7PM if I’m going to bed at 10PM. We’ll see though. I think with consistently working out, that the Weight Watchers thing should work for me. When I really did Weight Watchers, I lost 30 pounds. So, we’ll just have to see.

For the past month we’ve been going to Costco every Sunday. We always get cottage cheese, 2 gallons of fat free milk, grapes and salmon. Sometimes there are a couple of other things thrown in there, but always those 4. Seems odd that we consume so much of those products that we need Costco quantities every week. I can tell you we save a ton on milk going there though. It’s a good thing that we don’t have a bigger fridge because I would stock it full of Costco goodness. How can you not? It’s a such a good deal. I paid $9.99 for a bag of frozen meatballs at Safeway on Saturday. At Costco, I could have gotten 3 times as many meatballs for $12. (True story!)


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