Random me, and the introduction of task lists.

Things and products that I adore:


1.      Coffee I don’t make myself

2.      Libraries

3.      Art supply stores

4.      Artistic graffiti

5.      Crayons

6.      Yard sales

7.      Plane tickets

8.      Farmers markets

9.      Quaint little towns

10.  Hotel rooms

11.  Old cars

12.  Mac computers

13.  The smell of a real Christmas tree

14.  Old photos of family long gone

15.  Ferry rides on sunny days

16.  Beach cruiser bicycles

17.  Fancy pens

18.  Crazy quilts

19.  Morning Glory sparklers

20.  Seashells

21.  Soaking tubs

22.  Aprons

23.  Bridges

24.  Bernina sewing machines

25.  Fingernail polish

26.  Notepads and journals

27.  Photo booths

28.  Adidas Superstars

29.  Country French kitchens

30.  Bubbles

31.  Moonlight

32.  Staying home cuddled up on a rainy day with a good movie

33.  Famous people with the name Hugh – (Grant, Laurie, Jackman)

34.  Sonicare toothbrushes

35.  Lush Dream Cream – and lotion in general

36.  The strong smell of tropical jasmine

37.  Lists

38.  Spider webs covered in morning dew

39.  Calendars

40.  New cell phones

41.  Scrapbooks

42.  Soft yarn

43.  Kitchen Aid mixers

44.  Elephant ears (the food)

45.  Fresh cut flowers

46.  Fluffy cats

47.  Random IMs with funny comments

48.   Nexcare waterproof bandages

49.  Vacuuming

50.  MAC make-up


Maybe you’ll get a list of things I don’t like sometime. A list of things I don’t like could be more useful in not making me angry.



From my list last night:


1.      put away Stamp Camp supplies didn’t happen, so it’s on the list for tonight

2.      vacuum living room and guest room – to my surprise, Adam has already accomplished this when I got home.

3.      work on the manger scene – it’s freaking sweet dude, it makes me happy to look at it.

4.      Clean the kitchen – well, ya know (I did very little, so it adds to tonight)

5.      Adam’s “tidy up the bedroom” – I didn’t add it to his list, cause I was so impressed that he vacuumed and cleaned the bath tub without me asking.


New list for tonight:


1.      Put away Stamp Camp items

2.      Clean kitchen

3.      Clean off bed

4.      Manger scene 


I’ve got to slowly make progress on my huge list of things until my mom gets here in 15 days.


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