You set it…then forget it!!

Lately, that’s how I feel I tackle my goal setting process. I set goals, then I forget them.

Obviously, I haven’t kept up with the post a day. It’s too much. Here are some photos of recent things.


My cat, Teek. He’s a fur ball, but a cute fur ball.


This is my ankle after I sliced it open with a metal ruler. One of the many dangers of crafting folks.


This is a cast iron Le Creuset pot, that had pudding burnt onto it for Thanksgiving 2007. I’m determined to finish removing it before Thanksgiving 2008. You have no idea how difficult it is to scrub this shit off. It’s ridiculous. A little at a time though, and it will get there.

pot holder

This is that pot holder I spoke of before. It’s cute enough. I still have to test it though.

cupboard door

This is a cabinet door finally hung! Handle and all. 🙂


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