25 Things while I’m 25

I made a list of 25 things I want to do before I turn 25. I’ll consider it a good starting point for my 25th birthday. Also, it doubles as a way to make me feel bad about myself when I turn 26. (I’ll feel bad about all the things I didn’t do off my list)

1. Finish my wedding album (even though I hate my photos)
2. Master Pancit (a traditional Filipino dish) – well on my way….
3. 3 Weekend/day excursions with my camera (I can’t work on goal 10 without photos to work with) One down: Science Center with Becky
4. Categorize my stamp sets using Delicious Monster (a program for Mac’s that I heart) I sold them instead!!
5. Swap out photos at the front door
6. Philippines Album
7. Finish the manger scene (Done with piece one, two more to go) I picked this up again this weekend!
8. Really learn to crochet (like, read patterns you know)
9. Finish my pre-reqs for UW. Financially, this is an impossibility.
10. Take a Photoshop class (I want to be a whiz on the program)
11. Make an awesome camera strap (I’m thinking patchwork)
12. Talk to an advisor @ UW
13. Go to the Tulip Festival in April (I’ve wanted to go for ages!) this won’t happen, it’s already passed 😦
14. Make a quilt (not frumpy) – finished a baby quilt after taking a class!!
15. Golf 18 holes at least 3 times – I’ve done this once…two more to go and I have a couple months!
16. Take more photobooth pictures -> took one already (though it was a challenged photo booth)
17. Put Curtains in my bedroom (don’t tell DH, but I’m thinking purple/slate) We are trying to sell the condo. It’s just sitting, but we’ll see…
18. Perhaps some living room carpet? Had to happen, cause we are trying to sell the place
19. Set up my Etsy shop (I already have an account, I just haven’t put anything up there)Done and I have 11 sales as of 6/6/09
20. Work on a women’s group at SJV (my church) I’m the Secretary!!
21. Use my Saturday’s wisely (those of you who know me, know that I like to be productive)
22. Be under 190 lbs (it’s gonna happen, I can feel it)
23. Finish out the 12 weeks of Body for Life (I say finish, cause I started on October13th, so, I’m 3.5 weeks in. [good so far, thanks for asking, I’m down 6 lbs now] Theoretically, this would end in January)
24. Try out recipes that I normally wouldn’t (Smitten Kitchen has already influenced me to do this through her amazing photos)
25. Type this list up and post it on my board.

Oh, and I cheated and changed the date on this post to reflect November 5th. Cause I forgot to publish this post last night. HA! Stay tuned, you’ll see a pot holder tonight. I have a crazy good idea for a cute awesome apron to go with it.


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