November, a post a day?

So, I’ve read this morning that people are doing this post every day thing in November. I have already missed the first two days, go figure. Perhaps, I’ll try and do the remaing 28 though.

Halloween and my birthday are over. I won $25 for most original costume at work. Isn’t it sweet? I’m a man caught in the wind.

This weekend was super busy and super fun, (aside from my crappy accounting test that I had to take). Saturday Becky took me to breakfast for my birthday and gave me a super awesome gift card!! Breakfast is my favorite type of food. It’s wonderful. Thanks super awesome Becky! (Don’t be like Becky, don’t breed babies just for German engineering.)

The rest of Saturday pretty much consisted of working on my accounting test. After breakfast with Becky, I went to my office and worked on it for like 3 hours, another few hours at home. Saturday night I needed a serious break though, so we went and saw Zack and Miri Make A Porno at the movie theatre. It was hilarious. Highly advise you see it. A couple of part make it all worth it.

Sunday, went to the Hawk game. Tailgated beforehand. We had amazing seats, I even bought a rain suit, clear, to wear, cause the forecast said rain. It was fine though, no rain. I feel like the rain suit really helped keep me warm though. Oh, and they lost, total bummer! (I’m thoroughly aware that I have used several incomplete sentences, and squished too many commas into sentences, when I should have broke them up. Oh, and I’m a fan of run on sentences as well. Got a prob?!) I finished Ben’s Christmas present on Sunday too.

Came home, finished my test. When I was in highschool and wondered why I had to learn Algebra or Geometry because i would never need them in real life, I was a moron. I would not be able to do a ton of things without these basic math skills. They are completely necessary. To Mr. Freedman and Mr. Groenen, I’m sorry I ever doubted your usefulness.

Anyway, since the internet Nazi’s are watching (AKA my boss), I better get off, since my lunch break is cut short, by a mandatory meeting. Peace out jigga!


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