The Letter Game – C

Becky, over at her blog, posted a meme a bit ago that I just caught onto. It goes like this:

Leave a comment and I’ll give you a letter. Post ten things you LOVE
that begin with that letter.  Then give a letter to anyone who leaves a
comment for you… and the cycle will continue.

So my letter was “C” – why does this only make me thing of inappropriate things??

  1. Catholicism – I find my religion very ritualistic, and comforting. Granted, I’m not a die hard by any means, but I try, and it grounds me. Of course, it’s on my mind with Christmas coming. I also love Cathedrals.
  2. Crafts – of all kinds. They are quite fun.
  3. Children, more specifically, other peoples babies.
  4. Cozy things, slippers, bath robes, blankets and the like.
  5. Crochet – It’s a nice thing to keep your hands busy while watching TV.
  6. Christmas – It’s the mostttt wonderful time. of. the. yeeeeaaaarrrr!!
  7. Corn on the cob – It’s my most favorite things to eat at an outdoor even, smothered in butter with some Johnny Seasoning
  8. Cottages – I always picture myself having on in old age. With an English garden, the kind you see in Sense and Sensibility.
  9. Cameras – All kinds, film, polaroid, automatic, digital, manual, I just like taking pictures.
  10. Carpentry – If I don’t have arthritis in my old age, I’d very much like to take up this hobby.

To make things more fun, here’s a list of C things that I don’t like.

  1. Cherubs – they are inappropriate
  2. Crust- though I eat it anyway
  3. Cancer – nough said
  4. Cannibalism – is it really necessary?
  5. Cheating
  6. Cheerleaders – damn symbols of bodies I can’t come close to.
  7. Chins, as in mine.
  8. Cigars and Cigarettes
  9. Climbing things
  10. Clowns, not cause they are scary, but because they are ugly.

Weekend Recap

All in all, a pretty good weekend. Aside from the fact that I didn’t really get anything done on my accounting test… Anyway, Friday was good. We went bowling for Elece’s Birthday Festivities. She got a hair cut, it’s cute, but she always didn’t let me snag a picture. This is the gift I gave her. It’s a glass block, that I drilled a hole in, stuffed lights in, and wrapped up. It’s basically a present that glows. I love them, and I think she liked it too, so that’s good.

Elece's Present

Saturday :

In the morning I headed to the DMV to renew my license. It had expired on my birthday, whoops. I go so into reading my book, that I missed my number and had to draw again. I know, I am dumb. But it still didn’t take that long, maybe 30 minutes total. Fact: I cannot take a good driver’s license photo. It’s better than last time, but this whole chin thing ruins it.

After that I met up with Becky (my awesome friend) to go to Scrapbook Convention. The most exciting booth, by far, was the Treasury of Memories (TOM for the cool peeps) booth. They had cute make and takes, and cute ideas. Like this advent calendar with paper bags on canvas. You could put stuff in the paper bags.

Advent Calendar

This sign with Vinyl on it is also very awesome. $22 bucks for the whole shebang. I didn’t buy one, but I want one. You can order online, anyone? If you do purchase this for me, please let Adam know you did so. (Mine would say: Kieffer Family est. 2007)

Kieffer Family

Saturday night, I babysat our cousins, ages 1.5 through 10, there were four of them. Adam had a concert to go to, so I did most of it solo. I have to say, that I’m pretty impressed with myself after that experience. We baked Stain Glass Cookies. They are sugar cookies with a cut out in the middle, filled with hard candy. I got all 3 of them to participate, there were no arguments, and only one minor mishap. Noah, my Godson, ran around and played with random things, all very quiet, where I could see him. It was quite the success. It was a nice mellow evening. Working at the Boys and Girls Club fr 4.5 years really taught me a lot, and I enjoyed that time of my life. I’m fully capable of handling children. Like I said, I’m pretty impressed with myself.


Sunday we had tickets to the Seahawk Game. We tailgated before hand, and that was fun too. I saw my best friends EX-BF and he’s fat, and balding. It made me happy. (If that’s sick and wrong, then count me very sick, very wrong, and absolutely delighted). There are things that happen in your life, that just give you validation that things you did in the past, ended up the correct way. Best Friend, this is that validation for you. (Did I mention he looked like a do chay?) Our tickets were on the 300 level, my first time all the way up there. I have to say, that I was pleased to find that they are pretty good seats. It’s a hike, but I feel like every fan has a good view. Good job Qwest Field architects, I’m sure were paid more than necessary. We lost, but it was a good game. A guy peed in the tunnel right in front of us, on the wall. (Stupid Cardinal fan!) and Adam was texting so I had to scream bloody murder to keep Adam from stepping in it. That’s just gross. I wouldn’t even pee in a Steelers tunnel. For the love of the game, show some respect jerk face!!



Fans at Qwest

My husband buys beer…Beer Buy

A shot from the upper deck looking into downtown. It was a beautiful foggy day in Seattle. I watched Ferry boats and barges coming in on the water, when the game wasn’t going on. I love this city.

Seattle From Qwest Field

Manger Scene…

I know you’ve all been waiting for this beauty! Isn’t it fabulous. I just need to bind the edges, then I should be set. I’ll probably get that done this weekend.

Manger Scene

Those splashes on the bottom are from Adam’s Myoplex explosion…yeah, he got yelled at for that one. Like the new bangs? Yeah, they’re pretty sexy.

Random me, and the introduction of task lists.

Things and products that I adore:


1.      Coffee I don’t make myself

2.      Libraries

3.      Art supply stores

4.      Artistic graffiti

5.      Crayons

6.      Yard sales

7.      Plane tickets

8.      Farmers markets

9.      Quaint little towns

10.  Hotel rooms

11.  Old cars

12.  Mac computers

13.  The smell of a real Christmas tree

14.  Old photos of family long gone

15.  Ferry rides on sunny days

16.  Beach cruiser bicycles

17.  Fancy pens

18.  Crazy quilts

19.  Morning Glory sparklers

20.  Seashells

21.  Soaking tubs

22.  Aprons

23.  Bridges

24.  Bernina sewing machines

25.  Fingernail polish

26.  Notepads and journals

27.  Photo booths

28.  Adidas Superstars

29.  Country French kitchens

30.  Bubbles

31.  Moonlight

32.  Staying home cuddled up on a rainy day with a good movie

33.  Famous people with the name Hugh – (Grant, Laurie, Jackman)

34.  Sonicare toothbrushes

35.  Lush Dream Cream – and lotion in general

36.  The strong smell of tropical jasmine

37.  Lists

38.  Spider webs covered in morning dew

39.  Calendars

40.  New cell phones

41.  Scrapbooks

42.  Soft yarn

43.  Kitchen Aid mixers

44.  Elephant ears (the food)

45.  Fresh cut flowers

46.  Fluffy cats

47.  Random IMs with funny comments

48.   Nexcare waterproof bandages

49.  Vacuuming

50.  MAC make-up


Maybe you’ll get a list of things I don’t like sometime. A list of things I don’t like could be more useful in not making me angry.



From my list last night:


1.      put away Stamp Camp supplies didn’t happen, so it’s on the list for tonight

2.      vacuum living room and guest room – to my surprise, Adam has already accomplished this when I got home.

3.      work on the manger scene – it’s freaking sweet dude, it makes me happy to look at it.

4.      Clean the kitchen – well, ya know (I did very little, so it adds to tonight)

5.      Adam’s “tidy up the bedroom” – I didn’t add it to his list, cause I was so impressed that he vacuumed and cleaned the bath tub without me asking.


New list for tonight:


1.      Put away Stamp Camp items

2.      Clean kitchen

3.      Clean off bed

4.      Manger scene 


I’ve got to slowly make progress on my huge list of things until my mom gets here in 15 days.

Weekend Wrap Up:

Sorry for the earlier post without a lot of info on my weekend happenings.

  • I got my cat some new treats and he goes bezerk over them. It’s super cute to watch. He comes running when you grab the package, then you have to get the package closed and put away while he eats the treat, or he won’t leave you alone. I also bought him 2 new toys. He’s already lost one, and the other one, he likes to just sit by.
  • I had a ruler jabbing out of a cubby and sliced my ankle on it. That was a dumb place to put it. I remember thinking twice about it when I put it there, then thinking, nah, I’ll just be careful, this is a perfect place for it.
  • MRFA5 burned pudding in my $200+ pot last Thanksgiving, and I’ve been slowing working at getting it off of there. Yes, that means I haven’t used that pot for almost a year. It makes me sad, but she didn’t mean to, and it was my fault for not being smart enough to use a non-stick pan with pudding. The black used to take up the whole bottom. I’ll try to find my old pics of it.
  • That’s the pot holder I did, it’s cute, but seems thin. I like it though, and the oddly craftyness about it.
  • I got frustrated with the pile of doors laying around my living room. So, I hung one. I’m not sure if it’s painted all the way, but I stuk it up anyway. I can’t wait until they are all on there. It wil be so pretty.

There seems to be an abundance of projects around my house. I’m not saying which ones fall into the “lack of progress” category. However, I will say that 99.8% of these projects were probably my idea. I would also say that Adam can only help with 50% of the projects I foresee doing. My parents are coming for Thanksgiving and I’d really like to make some head way on some things. That means I have 16 days to get moving.

I’ve listed a coupe things to work on tonight. I have

1) put away Stamp Camp supplies (from early October!)

2) vacuum living room and guest room [which shouldn’t be problem, seeing how I like to vacuum]

3) work on the manger scene [I know, you can’t wait for updated pictures with Adam’s Myoplex explosion]

4) Clean the kitchen

For Adam I believe I’ll put “tidy up the bedroom” on his list J I know I don’t say it enough, but this man is truly blessing in my life. img_3161 He’s ever-so helpful, I’ve really enjoyed growing up with him and when he smiles, I mean truly smiles, my heart still melts. Thanks for a great weekend Babe.

I don’t feel that the Body for Life diet plan is the best plan for me. A hybrid of Body for Life and Weight Watchers seems like the best plan for me. I think the Weight Watchers diet with the Body for Life workout. I just feel like I consume a lot of food on Body for Life. The consistent hating is a good thing. I like the 6 times a day, I like the starting with a shake in the morning after workouts. I’m not sure about the 9PM eating because Weight Watchers says not to eat after 7PM if I’m going to bed at 10PM. We’ll see though. I think with consistently working out, that the Weight Watchers thing should work for me. When I really did Weight Watchers, I lost 30 pounds. So, we’ll just have to see.

For the past month we’ve been going to Costco every Sunday. We always get cottage cheese, 2 gallons of fat free milk, grapes and salmon. Sometimes there are a couple of other things thrown in there, but always those 4. Seems odd that we consume so much of those products that we need Costco quantities every week. I can tell you we save a ton on milk going there though. It’s a good thing that we don’t have a bigger fridge because I would stock it full of Costco goodness. How can you not? It’s a such a good deal. I paid $9.99 for a bag of frozen meatballs at Safeway on Saturday. At Costco, I could have gotten 3 times as many meatballs for $12. (True story!)

You set it…then forget it!!

Lately, that’s how I feel I tackle my goal setting process. I set goals, then I forget them.

Obviously, I haven’t kept up with the post a day. It’s too much. Here are some photos of recent things.


My cat, Teek. He’s a fur ball, but a cute fur ball.


This is my ankle after I sliced it open with a metal ruler. One of the many dangers of crafting folks.


This is a cast iron Le Creuset pot, that had pudding burnt onto it for Thanksgiving 2007. I’m determined to finish removing it before Thanksgiving 2008. You have no idea how difficult it is to scrub this shit off. It’s ridiculous. A little at a time though, and it will get there.

pot holder

This is that pot holder I spoke of before. It’s cute enough. I still have to test it though.

cupboard door

This is a cabinet door finally hung! Handle and all. 🙂