A little update (sorry no pics)

I’m back on the Body for Life Bandwagon. Started last Monday. I’ve gained a bit of the weight I lost before, back. That’s sad. So, back on the bandwagon. I felt great when we went to the Philippines and I got down to 190. I hadn’t weighed that for years. I know it will feel that much more amazing when I reach 170. Heck, I know it will feel amazing to cross 190. And see that little 8 squished between the other two numbers. So, since last Monday, I’ve lost 5.2 pounds. Woot me!


I’ve been trying to do some soul searching about what I want out of life. What kind of job, what kind of life, what kind of family. Since I went back to school over summer (and still am in it). I’ve been thinking about the possible benefits of finishing it. What do I get? I get a degree that opens the doors for all my hopes and dreams. Ideally, my dream job would be running a craft store of some sort. Could be scrapbooking, could be fabric, nothing like Michael’s though. Heck, I’d like to even run a boutique that stocks the cutest little shit, that other people (myself included) would want to buy. I feel like crafting, creating in general, is what inspires me. I like pretty food, gorgeous hand-made cards and the feel of snuggling up with a quilt. I like things that are domestic, and I would love to be surrounded by such things on a daily basis. I would make a great executive, do you think that transfers over into one of the afore mentions fields? I would think so. I’m a go-getter, who tries new things, pushes the envelope and doesn’t like to be bored. Isn’t the exact formula at being a successful entrepreneur?


So, as you can see from my last post. I worked on the Manger Scene. I’m very happy with it so far. I’m having a heck of a time finding fusible bias. I was thinking, heck, I’ll just use normal non fusible and sew the stuff on. Well, fabric store didn’t have as many packs as I needed in white, and they only had double bias, so there goes that idea. Hopefully, I’ll come up with a solution soon, cause that’s the next step since I’ve finished the piecing. Who would have thought fusible bias would be so hard to find. It’s quite ridiculous. It’s about $16 for an 11 yard roll of fusible bias, and I’ll need 39 yards! Spendy spendy! Can I just say, that it makes me really happy to think about this project? I think it’s turning out phenomenally. (I’m trying to really access how much this thing cost me to put together)


I found a magical place a week or so ago. It’s called Lush, this one is at Bellevue Square. I’ve seen the store a million times, and never bothered to enter. I feared the overwhelming smell of bath products. Why did I finally decide to enter? I was in search of a birthday gift for MRFA5, and thought I might get lucky. Boy did I! I found a Godiva Shampoo Bar, that reminds me of Sampagita (the National Flower of the Philippines). I love that smell. Hawaiians call is Pikake. I found a salt scrub, Ocean Salt, which I’ve been searching for a good one for awhile. I also got a free sample of Dream Cream, an amazing hand and body lotion. My hands still feel soft after I wash them, that’s great.


Sunday, Adam and I hit up a Laundromat. That’s right, a Laundromat. We have a washer and dryer in unit. We just let a lot of things pile up, and when you have, what would be 9 loads in my stackable washer dryer, it goes a lot fast in multiple industrial size washer/dryers. So, we forgot one of our loads. How dumb, but funny. While at the Laundromat, I started a pot holder. I’m in love with it. It’s very tightly crocheted, and my thumb is a little sore. It’s totally worth it though, cause it’s going to be awesome.  I just have to do the edging, then make another one to match, cause you can’t have just one random pot holder right? I bought another skein of yarn and a couple bigger hooks today to get a handle on this. My thumb should not hurt.


During my skein buying madness, I also snapped up a flyer at Pacific Fabrics. They are having an Apron contest!! You know I love Aprons! The only catch is that you have to sew it with fabric you bought there. BORING! But maybe. I do have to sew an apron for a dear and special friend anyway. I’ll have it back by the 21st of December to gift it to her. So, maybe.


Adam’s birthday is on Saturday, the big 26. My gift was tickets to the Notre Dame/Husky game. However, I would like to get him a little something, since he’s already aware of that gift. I have zilcho ideas though. It’s very infuriating. I usually ALWAYS know the perfect gift. Not this time. Maybe it’s because I have a budget in mind, and would like to stay within it.


I’ve got to get going on some Christmas Cards for my Grandma’s craft bazarr. I told her I would make some, and I found an exorbitant amount of cardstock, I should do something with it. I’m in a mental road block though. It’s tough being creative. Maybe I’ll have something more to show you later in the week. (Maybe not though, I always tell Adam to not make commitments he can’t keep). We will see though.


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