Recently, I’ve been mulling over my efficiency. For some reason, a 7.5 hour day of work, seems to drag by. I usually get everything I need to do for the day done in a couple hours, and spend the other 4.5 hours of work time waiting for an email to pop in, so that I have something to do. The rest of time I search the internet for things that entertain, or interest me.

At home, I can spend an entire evening, dragging around the house. Not doing dishes, not touching my computer, not doing anything in particular, except eating dinner. However, that does not mean that I do not have an over ambitious list of things I would like to accomplish outside of work. On that list you might find things like do your homework, clean the house, make baby gifts, process wedding photos (from April 2007), make your bed. Or, you could find a brazilion craft projects all in th thought process, but yet to be put into fruition. Pin cushions, manger scene, pantry door, magnets, tissue cozies, a bag, and tons of other great ideas. None of these things happen. I buy supplies, supplies pile up, and there I am. In a world of glorious craft supplies, and nothing accomplished.

I’ve come to one conclusion: I am entirely too efficient at work, and not effecient enough in my personal life.

This is definitely something that needs to change. When I wake up in the morning, and on my way to work, i think about all the glorious things I’m going to accomplish in the 4 hours before bed that evening. Then, after eating dinner, i suddenly find myself tired, and engrossed in TV. If there were ever an invention intended to make you fat, it was the television. Why did I buy one and put it in my bedroom?

One other confession: I buy entirely too many stationary or office supply related items. I’m a huge fan of Post-it Notes, I can never have enough notebooks, and show me anything with either an A or K monogram, and you have me sold. Bonus points if they are purple or teal. I am also a list fanatic. I make lists for everything, and I get my jollies off of putting little check marks next to things I’ve accomplished. I get so jolly off of it, that I am known to break a chore into several small part, thereby, leading to more checking off.

So kids, I need help. I need to spend less money, and accomplish more. However, i have figured out how to displace my blame. This is all DH’s fault. If he were not around, I would be WAY more productive. When he works on Saturday, and I’m alone, I get a ton done. (If the answer to my problem is become a single spinster then I’ll pass thank you.)

In other news: i can bake, and I can cook. I recently became very sick of Salmon. Not salmon in general, but any Salmon cooked by DH (which means baked). I love blackened Salmon. but other than that, I don’t have a whole lot of ideas for it. DH loves Salmon, blahhhh. I believe, that eating healthier makes us eat the same things over and over again. We have less easy options for food on a healthy diet. I/We need to learn to cook healthy. I can’t cook healthy, i cook food that I like to eat, plain and simple, and that does not include anything that fits into the healthy category.

So, just say a little prayer that I get something done this evening. I could really use the boost in my confidence.


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