Isn’t She a Beaut?

In the box

In the box

I picked up this fine lady at Bernina Northwest this past weekend. She wasn’t in stock, so they gave me a loaner to play with until she got her. How nice? The people at Bernina Northwest are all VERY nice, which was a big part of why I didn’t buy a Pfaff. I like nice people

She’s not a cheap date, by any means, and she’ll require a lot of time with just the two of us, but I don’t mind, waiting on a woman.(Which reminds me, have you heard that song, Waiting on a Woman by Brad Paisley? I REALLY like it, even though I’m not totally in love with country music) It’s only appropriate that a sewing machine should be female, right? Well, I was thinking, I should name her. I like the name Lucy. 1) I don’t know anyone named Lucy. 2) I want it to be a retro name, of someone that does her hair, and can be a classy lady.

Let’s get technical. Why this machine you ask? Why did you need to spend $300 more than the lower model? Why wasn’t Clairece good enough anymore? Why? Why? Why? Okay, so I made up Clairece. That isn’t my old machine’s name. I never named her, but if I had, Clairece would have been it. It depicts someone who is okay, but I don’t LOVE. Lucy comes with a Barbie like wardrobe to hold feet, bobbins and what-nots, that clips on to the machine, for storing and traveling purses. That means no feet get tangled in with each other, I can always find bobbins and needles, and it

looks pretty, sitting on the table. What else? She came with a sewing table that slides right on, and fabric glides over it like crazy. She has a memorized buttonhole function, more stitches, TWO alphabets and tastes like chocolate. So I made the last one up, but you get the idea. Did I mention that she has a built in needle threader, you don’t have to pull the string up for the bobbin. Granted, she is fat, meaning heavier than Clairece, but she has metal parts?! Clairece is a crappy plastic machine that you can feel the vibrations in if you get going too fast. Which would sound awesome if I were into chicks and she was a real woman, but she’s a sewing machine, so that sucks. Her bobbin would get tangles, she doesn’t come with a built in needle threader, she doesn’t thread her own bobbin, so I don’t have to pull through, she can’t remember to always stop with the needle up or down, depending on what mood I’m in, you can’t drop her feed dogs and she just doesn’t cut it anymore

I bought a turkey sandwich at a sandwich place called Togo’s. Don’t tell Adam that I bought food, cause we decided last week that we were not allowed to eat out, except on Sundays. Seriously though, I had 15 minutes to get ready for work, and no time to pack a lunch. Anyway, it was good, and I like it. Messy, but good.

Saturday we went to the Puyallup Fair, and my DH won me a prize!! The clown game is his nemesis. Every year he plays, and every year, the last clown fails to fall completely off. Not this year, not at all! He won me a ridiculously huge raccoon, that had dandruff. I couldn’t keep him, cause my condo doesn’t allow raccoons, but he was loved for a day. I secretly love to watch him pitch. Not sure why, I thinks it’s a thrill from when we started dating.

Lots of hanging out with friends on Sunday. It was a very long night, and a bunch of my friends called in sick, or didn’t have to work today, no fair!

In other news! I would strive to do something creative everyday. Last night, I made this fucking amazing shirt. I’m not sure if there is a masculine way to do this, but it works for me! Sewing it was a bitch. I’m wearing it today. It looks pretty hot. Oh, and my cat is very cute. He sits like that every morning while I get ready. He just likes to be around me. He’s current sitting right next to me as well.

Up close, sewing was a bitch.



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