Photo Basics

Canon Rebel XT

Canon Rebel XT

Let’s start it off with a nice little spendy piece I own. The Canon Rebel XT (now they have the XTi or something or other out). This was a wedding present from my DH. LOVE IT! It came with a stock lens, that I didn’t really think was that great. Upon the recommendation of one Karen Russell, I invested $80 in the 50mm lens. It’s a fixed lens, but well worth it. It does great in low light situations, you just have to get used to being the zoom.

Oh, and my amazing friends husband gave me a 300mm zoom lens. Yeah, that’s right, just gave it to me! I took it to a graduation, but the graduation was lame and held in a gym, so the lighting was VERY poor. Which, incase I need to point it out, is not conducive to beautiful photos with a zoom lens. There is a ton of white noise.

Digital vs. Film; i prefer digital because you can manipulate images, see the raw image right away, and save on printing costs. HOWEVER, there is nothing like a film photo done by an amazing photographer. I’m not amazing though, so the quality of film is wasted on me.

Gorilla Pod

Gorilla Pod

i have a tripod, which is great for a stationary picture shoot or something, but let’s face it, nobody wants to lug a tripod around. I’ve already made a huge sacrifice in upgrading to a larger camera in general. This one does not fit in my purse well. Instead, i own a Gorilla Pod which fits nicely into a backpack, and you can wrap the legs around anything.

I work on an iMac, which organized all my photos. I have not yet decided if I like the way it seems to categorize my photos (chronologically and by event). I do need to start burning discs of the years/months to get the ones I don’t currently need off my computer. I run Photoshop CS right now, it’s okay, but I’m not really a Photoshop whiz. I know how to use actions, and that’s about it.

Some things I’m working on right now with my photography: using different angles to take a photo, finding the good lighting and taking more pictures in general.

What training do i have you ask? NADA!! Well, that’s not entirely true. I took a 2 day class through BCC for continueing education. It didn’t do a whole lot of good, but gave me the basics I needed. i then got into a 12 week, free course online over at 2Peas by a Joanna Bolick. Very nicely outline different things, and you can work at an indepent speed (since the class is no longer live). I printed the whole thing out and keep it as a reference. You can find the class links here.


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